We Have iPads, Now What?

A lot of schools have implemented 1-to-1 device programs for students in the last few years. Everything from textbooks to note taking has gone digital. And I see teachers all over the country taking off and running with the new devices.

Then, I see others a little lost as to what all of this is about. Teachers who embraced the technology program, but unable or unaware of how to implement it effectively. Students get lost in a sea of bells and whistles and games, and the technology becomes a distraction instead of a tool.

My goal as a blog is to connect teachers with services and content to make their lives easier and not harder, to turn technology into the tool that takes a classroom to the next level. Posts will range from topics on iPad/Android apps available for teacher use, along with reviews, to whole class technologies like interactive whiteboards and classroom response systems. I will be using and posting honest reviews of as many technologies as I possibly can for each of you, along with pros and cons of the given system.

Stay tuned! I look forward to interacting with as many of you as possible and showing you how to work smarter and not harder.




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